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235 x 50 blue

I am FUN…
I am 235 x 50 blue

I am 235 x 50 blue

I am 235 x 50 blue

I am 235 x 50 blue

Men's Underwear and Accessories

Alick Alexander Roland Brief in Yellow.

Alick Alexander Protrunk in Royal Blue.

Alick Alexander Protrunk in Red.

It’s about you!

Underwear is the first layer of clothing we wear, it is the foundation of every man’s outfit. We could talk forever about our underwear, but ultimately it’s about you and how you feel wearing our underwear!

Bright and Colourful Men’s Underwear

Add some colour to your underwear collection and conquer the World! Black and white may be stylish, but colourful men’s underwear is fun! Even if no other person sees your underwear, you know what you’re wearing and what you think about yourself extends into how the world see’s you.

Enhancing Men’s Underwear

We’d love to say we don’t care about how our package looks in underwear, but of course we do! The good news is there’s no need for fancy rings, pockets or other contraptions – we’ve engineered the front pouch on our ProTrunk to naturally enhance your crown jewels!

Comfortable Men’s Underwear

Yeah, we want it all! We want great looking underwear, but so comfortable you don’t notice you are wearing underwear!

Show it Off: Underwear as Outerwear!

Undress to Impress! You might not plan to show of our underwear, but actually it is visible more often than you think. Imagine, you are wearing t-shirt and jeans in the supermarket, you reach up to pick a product from the top shelf, and your shirt lifts showing your underwear brand to everyone.y

What about Alick Alexander?

For us it’s all about style, comfort and fun! Our design language is bright colours, stylish designs and underwear that really deserves to be worn as outerwear!

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Pro Brief
StringTech Brief
Roland Brief - Retro
Roland Brief - SilverGrip
CU Mesh Trunk
Classic trunk
ProTrunk SilverGrip

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